AI is helping companies scale faster than ever before.

We are a group of operators who have invested collectively in over 100 AI companies in the past 6 years.

Representing the ScalingAI Syndicate, we support passionate founders who are forging the future of the diverse world of Artificial Intelligence.

The syndicate focuses on companies that we believe can scale rapidly using new and emerging AI powered operational techniques. AI is changing some of the conventional business thinking, and the companies that adopt the new ways of doing business are growing faster than ever. We’ve seen this in our own portfolios, and setup this syndicate to leverage our personal investments and expand the group of people available to help our entrepreneurs.

Scaling AI Operator’s Syndicate Leads

Todd Earwood, Founding Partner
Todd Earwood is a former Founding Partner at Half Court Ventures, now an Operating Partner at PJC, and 3x entrepreneur, and specializes in go-to-market strategies for AI companies. He has invested in over 60 AI companies and given public presentations on how to better sell AI products.

Will Murphy, Founding Partner
Will was a Principal and corporate entrepreneur in an innovation group at a Fortune 100 company where he led new emerging tech venture development initiatives and launched multiple hundred-million-dollar products. He was VP of Product at multiple tech startups, and early investor or advisor to dozens of companies.

Rob May, Venture Partner
Rob May is a 2x entrepreneur, former Founding Partner at Half Court Ventures, and General Partner at PJC where he leads the AI and Robotics investments. Rob also writes the InsideAI newsletter, and records the Investing in AI podcast. Rob has invested in over 90 AI companies.

This syndicate targets 35-50 deals per year, is diversified across industries and stage, and focuses on 40% pre-seed/seed and 60% Series A/B. We look at over 1000 AI deals every year. If you want exposure to a broad swath of AI companies, seen through a lens of go-to-market potential rather than technology, this syndicate is for you.

We will syndicate all our deals. Our deal flow comes from our personal networks, the entrepreneurs we have previously invested in, the InsideAI newsletter readers (over 30k), and the listeners to our Investing in AI podcast. If you join the syndicate, you are expected to be available from time to time to our entrepreneurs if you have expertise relevant to their problems.

Our focus is on finding companies that can quickly scale with AI, and helping them apply what we have learned about AI operations.

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